Whether you know exactly what you would like, or are looking for a recommendation our stylists will take care of you and treat you to the ultimate salon and spa experience.


Looking to change up your look and your locks? Get a full head of shiny, vibrant, statement-making hair color that will turn heads. Our all-over hair color produces a high-gloss shine and even tone from roots to ends. We use Goldwell Professional products, which provide dimensional color with exceptional shine and extraordinary retention. Our colorists formulate individualized color based on your style, personality, and what tones work with your natural color.

Highlights & Lowlights

Looking to add a little color but not too much? Our highlighting and lowlighting foiling technique showcase supreme hair artistry, enabling us to offer a full range of complementary shades for intensity and dimension. Whether you are looking for dramatically chunky effects, or subtle, natural-looking color, we can provide you with the perfect hair coloring experience.


Balayage is a French highlighting technique that’s the go-to for instantly chic hair. Balayage combines both expert placement and hand-painted brushstrokes for the ultimate customized color treatment. Creating depth and dimension, these highlights leave you with a sun-kissed finish that compliments a graceful grow-out.

The balayage technique can be used to achieve Ombré: a look that is defined by a dark root that blends into lighter shades and achieves a dark to light dip dyed look.

Corrective Color

Hair emergency? No problem. Think of us as your Salon ER. As a Goldwell Certified Master Salon, our Master Colorists will restore your hair’s optimum color and vibrancy with expertise and precision. Corrective coloring is performed on a case by case basis depending on the depth of correction necessary. This appointment requires a prior consultation to discuss method and strategy of corrective elements. Price will be determined upon consultation.


Keratin Treatment

Eliminate frizz by up to 95% with this unique treatment. Using the penetrating power of keratin, a natural fibrous protein found in hair that shields against humidity, this treatment leaves your hair smoother, softer, silkier, and shinier. Plus, it defends against environmental humidity and toxins, without causing your hair damage. The end result is manageable hair that reduces daily styling time. It is also safe on color-treated hair.

for those who: have frizzy hair
benefits: makes curly or frizzy hair more manageable , while protecting against environmental humidity and toxins
results: smoother, softer, silkier, shinier hair


Keratin Express

This Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Complex Express Blowout gives you sexy, smooth, and shiny hair, in the blink of an eye. This incredible keratin treatment only takes ninety minutes and the results last for three to six weeks. With the unique combination of the trionic keratin protein and a co-polymer delivery system, this blowout infuses the highest quality of keratin in the shortest amount of time.

for those who: want a quick fix for frizzy hair
benefits: makes frizzy hair more manageable, while protecting against environmental humidity and toxins
results: Smoother, softer, silkier, shinier hair


Tell your stylist what you would like and let them take it from there. Need a little inspiration? We have an in-store menu of looks that you can choose from, too. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Bella Blowout experience, complete with the finest Oribe styling products.

*A blowout can last up to three days. 


OlaPlex-Bond rebuilding formula will will dramatically reduce breakage and preserve the integrity of your hair. It can be added to a color treatment or used on its own for healthier, stronger, and fuller hair.

for those who: have broken and weak hair
benefits: rebuilds hair
results: fuller, healthier hair